Baby Naming

There are families who wish to mark the occasion of their baby's birth with a special welcoming ceremony. These can be secular or contain religious readings - I can offer suggestions and help plan a very memorable day.

My naming ceremonies welcome your child into your family and the wider community, whilst particular adults nominated by you pledge themselves in a supporting role as your child is growing up.

Siblings can be involved together with Grandparents - Very important people! Who will promise to use their experience of life in the upbringing of your child.

It is a very relaxed occasion - I have recently done surprise wedding ceremonies for Parents of the children following the naming ceremonies - Now that's a day to remember!!

Just give me a ring if you would like to chat without obligation 




 Baby Benjamin enjoying the limelight - only to have it stolen when his Parents surprised their guests by announcing they were to also have a wedding ceremony! - there wasn't a dry eye to be found