For a civil marriage in this country, the legal requirements are that a couple stand in front of a registrar in a place licensed for civil marriage, with two witnesses. They have to repeat two sets of words, and sign the register. That is it; they do not have to say any vows or exchange rings. The two sets of words are called Declaratory words and contracting words. Declaratory words: The registrar will ask “Are you _________( Full Name ) free lawfully to marry _________( Full Name ) ?”

You have to respond with “I am”

Contracting words:

You will be asked to each repeat the following after the registrar. “I _______________(Full name) take you ___________(Full Name) to be my wedded wife / husband” That's it, sign the register and you are legally married.

You can arrange to do this official marriage in your lunch breaks, or even early on the same day as your ceremony. So long as you have the legal document, I can perform your ceremony however and wherever you want it.

Everyone has to give notice of intent to marry, this involves making an appointment at your local register office and taking your documents (they will tell you what you need when you phone for the appointment) and the charge for this is £35 each. The legal ceremony at the register office is currently £50 for a short ceremony with just 2 witnesses, this also includes the price for your marriage certificate.


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